When times would be As they seem to be, When you and I Have to leave One another, You know I will Always be with you. It’s time to leave, But I will be Plotting my return Back to you, You see This was part of The design. From the beginning I was supposed To go this way To come …


Think on My why. Think on The peace You garner When you Listen to Me And heed My words As if They belonged To you, Feel my pain As I do When my People cry Out to Me And deaf Ears greet Their poverty. Can you Feel like Me? O, that you Would give Your problems To Me And shoulder …


Think onMy wifeWere thereTo beOne asExcellent,Fit forMe,One whoLoves asI do,One whoseLife exemplifiesThe meaningOf whoWas, before all,Was to beThe eternalSalvation,One bredOf Me,One whoseBlood bearsWitness toMy sovereignty,My divinity too,One whoIs eternalAs Me,One givenBirth ofMy seed.Who isSuch anOne? YouQuestion MeThough IHave designedSuch BeautyAs aFather his sonGives to beA wife,Bearing heirs:New seedFor eternity.


Think onMy lifeThe wayThat youThink onA pileOf richesYou’veStumbled ontoWith no oneAround toChallenge youAs toThe validityOf your claim:It nowBelongs to you.I amBefore and beyondAll things.To thatYou haveAccess, reignAlong withOne deathSuccumbed to,One who rose,Lives insideYou andMakes manifestHis presenceUndeniably.Do youThink thisWorld’s currencyMeans anythingIn eternity?Realize whatYou haveIn Me.