Think on life
The way that
Have told
It at times,
The way we
Have disallowed
Those who
Would come
Among us,
Who would
Be found
In the midst
Of these
Who are striving,
Capable, after things
That win
The heart of
Who know
His way,
Who, after all
Choose him,
To suffer
And be
In his heart,
His company,
These we
Have disallowed
Before they
Came to be
As we are
By minimizing
Their suffering
The ways
Of the king.
O, that we
Would not help,
Aid the enemy
By turning away
Such as these,
Wounded, not
Knowing our way,
In need
Of mentors,
Brothers to be
Big enough
To shoulder
Their suffering
Which to us
Seems a
Small thing.
Do not
Cut off
The branch
At twig stage.