This is one
Of those you
Do not want to hear
Though you
Need desperately
To hear what I say.
Come along.
Take a ride
Go my way.

You have not
Because you have
Not asked of Me.
The kingdom
Has come near
And you have
Access to Me.
John spoke of it.
Jesus too.
You heard.
You left.
What has become
Of you?

Thousands of years
Have come and gone
Since first
I in man
Placed my song,
The one you hear
Sung of Me
From age to age.
Is in you mind
And in your mouth
When you begin
To seek out
The one who
Comes from Me.
Destiny! Kingdom!
Sons who’ll be
Kings and princes
I promised to
Those who wait
Upon my son’s rule.
Kingdom! Kingdom!
Kingdom, hear!
Draw near
And see why
Your fathers
Did hear-
Those of you
Planted with wheat,
Those I desire
To bear fruit
For Me.

Not mammon.
Choose. Believe.
Your fruit
Comes from hearing,
Coupling with Me.