One of the fine ways
I say to you
I love you
Is to restrain you
From yourself.

I let the wicked
Go on in his way.
You think he prospers.
You say God hates me.
I hear this terrible thing.
It hurts Me
To see my child
Turn face away from Me
And mimic the ugly ones,
Try to be
That which I hate
Which destruction
Upon I bring.
You think temporary riches,
Seeming prosperity
Means I approve.
I am eternal
Being today present
At the judgment seat.
Know before Me
All are judged.
See the end
In you beginning.
I love you
In bringing
You before Me
Not only faultless
But with reward.
Think on my love,
No longer being
Attracted to what I’m
Stand with Me
Even now
At the judgment seat.
See how I, child,
To the point of bleeding
Love you eternally
Despite hurt temporarily.
Never say my love
For you is anything
Other than all-encompassing.
We gave everything
On the cross.
Shall we withhold anything?
Don’t hurt Me.