Holy God,
Father of all creation,
King of Kings,
Lord of Lords,
Captain of the host,
Heavenly king,
Most mighty God,
To you do I
In Christ Jesus,
You have set
Me free
To establish
In the earth,
My king,
Dominion over
Your creation
To see
All bow,
Come into oneness
Under your son,
My king.
Let these things
Be on my heart
My God and king.
Let me rule
With an iron hand,
Your heart to bring
To all to whom
I cover in things
Established by you
To establish my rule:
Prayer, persistence
In knowing truth
Found only in
Your son, Christ,
To whom
I belong.
Over first, my own,
Body, life, household,
Spreading outward
As I bring that owned
Into dominion, obedience
Alone my weapon
In prayer, your word
Showing me the way.
This day, let your servant
Dominate, bringing all
In subjection to Him
To Whom I belong.
In His great name,