Oh, Lord,
Help me to be
One who trembles
At Your word
And thinks
Of You first
When I do
Things responsible
For making You
Known in the earth.
Everything, seen
By others
Is seen by me
As re-presenting You
In this earth realm.
Please, make me
Cognizant of these
Who look to You
To them to be
An answer, one who
Fills the need
You left in each.
Let me be a star,
My light guiding
Others to Your will,
Not thinking of me
But Who You will be
Perceived as by those
Who perceive me as one
Who is called by
The name of the king.
Christian let not only
In word your servant be,
But trembling after Your heart
In seen by those for whom
You died, my king.
I die daily that all may see
You Who I love
Living through me,
You Who alone knows
Who I’ll be, my name
In eternity known only
To You, king. Amen