your move

Settle in your mind

What we

Can do together

And you will see

The pain of coming together

Exceeds the relief

Your not knowing Me



It’s hard to know

The living God,

Not for access,

Not because

He does not provide


But the king,

Eternal, immortal,

Is hard to know

For flesh

So settled

On its own

And temporary.


Hear, see

The eternal

Make union

With what is surely

Cursed to destruction,

Aimed irrevocably

Towards death’s door.

Can life be

Swallowed by less than

What life brings?


I swallow you,

Like fire, consume

What opposes Me.

You know and see

One remains.

That one is Me.


Let us be one

Through the pain

Our union brings.

My son’s cross

Proves my pain

Can’t stop Me.

On the other side

Of your pain,

I’ll be.