Listen to the voice
Of those you hear.
Is it dear
To My heart?
Do these things
Count to you?
“Oh, Lord,
How can I
Love you,”
You ask Me,
And yet,
Simple things
As these
You fail to do.

Another thing
I ask of you,
Not to do,
Because the doing
Of these things
Proceeds from love,
A simple thing.
Let me start over,
Lest the length
Of the explaining
Weary you.

Remember who
You thought upon
When first I
So near,
So tender,
You were
To Me then,
Like a child
First listening
For the words
To the language
Of caring family.
You see,
I was
To you then
Birth mother,
Father, friend,
And you gave
To Me
A newborn’s listening.
My speech
Has grown
Dim in you
As you fall
Back upon
The words
You learned
From this
Against me,
Your words
Do not endure.
Listen to
Remember what
I seek:
To be renewed
In you,
Like a father’s
In a mother’s womb.
Recreate in you Me.
My face seek
To be yours
Begins every time
You seek
My words
Above anything.
Seek Me.