When the time comes
For you to know Me,
You won’t have to ask.
I’ll be inside you,
You don’t have to
Look for Me,
Because I’ve been
Looking for you
To find Me

How do you see
The eternal?
How do you touch
The peace
You know is
Inside you,
Yet you cannot
Though you tell
Yourself, and others
Tell you:
“It’s inside you
And the god
Is you.”

You know that’s
Fake, you know
It’s not real.
You’ve seen others
Who know Me,
And you know
They feel
Something intimate,
Something you
Desire and know
Is in, but not of.
You have to know
Me as I am.
That’s when
You’ll show Me
To others looking
Just like you.
I want you
To show Me.
I’ll be inside