Want to know
Why I love you,
Why I stay
With you so long?
Want to feel
The love with
Which I love you,
Yet stand in
Stillness while
You’re gone?

It’s the tragedy
Of my being
In love,
It seems
The more
Love I have
For you,
The less
You believe.

But don’t
Get swept
By appearance.
Don’t think
As you do.
I see our
Love growing.
I see
The truth.
You will know Me.
You will see us two
Growing, then coming
Into oneness.
Would expect
Such an end
From what
You invest in Me?
How can this vision
From such a
Small seed?

Your love
Has been magnified
By One who’s been
Your representative.
You I see in Him.

Your belief
Is small,
Yet through He
Your love is
Beyond your seed.