The thing you want
To do the most
Is the thing
I want you
To see in
Your heart’s mind
As coming from
Me or you.
Do not
See Me
As I
See you.
Do not
Count your
As something
You alone do.

There is
No thing
That matters
Or endures
Without Me.
I am
All that endures,
I’ve seen
And impressed
My image
As Me.
Can you,
Mortal man,
Create that
Which exceeds,
Which extends
And survives
Beyond my
Limit that you
Cannot look beyond?
True is that
I’ve in you
Before well beyond
Your earth entry
Can your conscious
Mind perceive?
So complete
Have I separated
Your being
From before
Or after
This life.
Has any described
The afterlife?
Who can edit
Or complete
A thing
Beyond death’s
You depend
On Me
For any thing
That endures.
What can you
Rely on
To watch over
What you
What you set
Your hand
Believe any
Of your creation
Can supersede
The slightest
Time and the
Bring to bear?
My Word,
My name,
From one,
A nation
I spared
To remain
As witness
Of what
Is of Me.
Can you,
Or any,
Do such
I have more
To ask
In this
Of you.
The wind,
The sea,
The sky,
Can you
Hear their voice
As I do?
When you call,
Will the tree
Bend for you?
If you
Cannot discern
Creation’s voice
Or see
The message
Stars aligned
How, O man,
Can you
Produce one
Enduring thing
On your own?
Ask Me.