Think of the things

I ask of you

As not wishes

But holy truth.

Think, and when

I ask you, do.


You know you

Hear from Me,

You who have


I will be

Your king,

You who have

Inside, my holy truth,

You whom I’ve

Been wanting,

You to whom

I pour out

My word, my peace,

You who I love,

You who need

Me to survive

From day to day,

It is to you,

Little flock,

I speak today.


Know yourself.

Know in truth

I live

Inside you

And you

Have the father

As you

Have Me.

You have


You have relief

From all I ever

Asked of you

Because you

Have decided

To follow

My truth

And be like Me

And strive no more

Against my peace.

It is to you,

Little flock,

I speak.