This is what

I say to you.

This is how

I want you to do

What you’re being asked

Of Me,

What in doing,

You’ll be set free.


I want you to

Know Me.

Know Me as only

You can.

Know Me in a way

No woman, man

Has ever known Me before.


Try and see.

We can be

A unique love story

If only you place Me

Before all things.

Treat me like omnipotence.

Treat me like God.

Rely on my all presence

As if it’s yours and mine.

Ask, and I will give

More than you request or seek.

Try and find Me willing

To your answer be.


I want you to know

What you were created for.

I created each being

To love, as never before

Love has been expressed

Between any two beings.


What more would a creator

Ask of created beings?