Think one time

And I will have you,

Upon how I created

A remembrance for all


Truthfully want

Their creator to find.

Think. In thinking,

Realize when confronted

With the reality,

All other gods

Bow in conformity

To the One

Who made of one

Man many, peopled

A nation

Rising from a sea

Of obscurity,

A people birthed

In your collective condition:


Think and in thinking

Compare honestly.

What God

Is there like Me?

Who has fathered

A nation so tenderly

As Israel has found

A father in my words


Who has carried a nation

Through adversity,

Through millennium

Though not a landed


Or even able

To field an army?

Who brought, according

To prophecy, a people

Back to the land

Promised by Me?

Think, compare

And you will see.