When the time comes
For you to see Me,
Don’t grieve.
Don’t let go
Your grip on truth.
You see Me
And want to do
What you father did.
He hid
From Me.
You cannot be
For in Me
You live, move
And have your being.
I see you
And have always.
There are days
When I would
Not see you,
When your love
Grows cold and you
Do things that
Are foreign to Me.
Still I see.
You have among you
Those who
Point the finger
And blame Me
For what they
And you do.
Silly, created creatures.
Don’t you know
I am not like you?
The murderer
You take after
Has made foul
The atmosphere
You take in.
Blame him,
If blame must be,
But keep short
Lest the finger
Point towards you.
Blame, to Me,
Life, to you.
Seek Me and live.
Hide not from
The truth.