Think on the life you want to live for Me.
Have I told you? Can you see?
Can you say in words few
The purpose I have in life for you?

Whether man is sent to set captives free
Or the promised land to conquer
Or even be a king who rules
Through songs of praise,
The list is short of ministry roles
Assigned in Me.
Which are you? You must believe
When He rose, He gave gifts to be
A roadmap, sign to those who believe.
Cries of anguish! Eternal grief!
Forever knowing what men praised
And made the damned esteemed
Was to my service the only thing
You had to contribute to have been seen
On that day triumphant in your king.

All will bow! All confess! He is alone
Your righteousness. Your gift He gave,
That special thing separating you
Unto a ministry was not yours,
You see, giftedness you offered
To the world or to Me
Was not your own.
It came from Me.
Define your gift, let it lead
You in Christ to the ministry
That alone will be your offering
On the day you before all
Stand to be branded for eternity.

Whose temple your gift did receive?
Choose Me.