Think on the things
I want from you.
Think, then ask
What would you do
If you were trying
The way that you
Do when trying
To impress who
You believe
Has power over you.
Ask, and when you in truth,
Answer and look back on
What is offered by yours
To Me-the things at times
Of thinking on Me-could
Those whose favor men seek
Give presents based on this
What do you bring to Me?

You who offer outside what kings
Sit and judge as offerings
Don’t have the daily reminding
Of proper treatment kings
Require and receive.

Don’t be deceived.
No king reigned more fit
Or ascended even if
Their humanity proved too vile
To believe my notice was given.
I set kings on thrones
And paupers too.
There are realms, thrones and
Authority for you
Who learn to bring
Proper offering.