When I asked you to my way choose,
You knew the voice, yet would not lose
The thinking the atmosphere has shaped in you.
I speak from where your heart leads into
Those born of my and in Spirit grown.
Know there is peace in your home.

Consider the new home in Me.
Count as paramount achieving peace
That your dead life could not comprehend.
That peace is the ground of the home which ends
Your sojourn in this atmosphere at odds with Me.

Step on ground your spirit renewed sees.
No longer is peace within a flesh
That is dead, at odds with Me.
No longer trust in senses trusted of the old body.
Live trusting peace your spirit body now brings.
With Me in you you walk as at enmity
And your communication in line with things
Of my atmosphere understand brings
Warning, invitation and judgment to what
Your influence as living this age will touch.

You belong to Me and when you walk on peace
This confronts the rule of death’s grip on these
Counted alive, but dead to Me.
Walk and bring my life to these.
Obey Me.