Listen to the sound of my voice
When you hear a presence you know
Is not near what you were thinking about,
Yet full of peace. Think on what
I have you believe.
The thoughts I continually bring to you
Are worthy of recording, worthy of you
Keeping in mind as paramount things.
I speak in riddles to them but clearly
To you who set my words as true.
I am God. My word must be to you.

Never let fade what you glean from Me.
It is the harvest in form of seed.
Remember the great parable my son gave you.
The seed is feared by your enemy, not you,
Not your thoughts, not your strengths,
Not your gifts from Me. Those are nothing
Apart from seed I place in you,
Let my word be your utmost focus,
The thing you believe and hold as first
Above all things.

In the word specifically for you which only
You glean when walking with Me,
The purpose shown in your appearing
Is contained. See nothing but
The revealed from Me.

Of all created, only you this can see.
Hear Me.