The thing you most like about Me
Is what you least desire and need,
The strength in Me to rule in truth,
You desire but think, and there you lose.
I’ve sent you throughout your history,
Rulers, fathers, mentors, Kings.
They all existed to prove the thing
You desire, want for yourself,
Cannot be achieved.

Without Me.

You can do nothing, for one another
You cannot even feel. Blood relations,
One another kill and from your brother
Over whom you rule, you exact support,
Your best is cruel.
Fools, can you rule the God in you?
Is not my nature above yours? Rule?
Can the pig his appetite control?
Can the wolf sit silent, refuse to roam?
Can you be a servant when given all

You are sunken to the level of what you eat
Your eye is enlarged as hell’s gaping hole,
Drawing to enter what your mind cannot hold,
Neither were any of you meant to.

Listen, and I will tell a truth.
To provide support is power and rule.