Think on the times you said to Me
What you want. Then think relief
I will give because you relied on Me.
Think and believe.
I will do for you because you asked Me to
And relied on, believed in Me.
Seek Me and my peace.

I want to be relied on by you.
I seek your faith that others do
What they see in you succeeding.
Don’t be discouraged when what you’re breeding
Brings pain and displeasure to you.
Don’t you see eternal truth?
Be the seed that in the womb finds life.
Be the process by which I make life new.
Don’t you realize I am who
Brings to seed, life, and that life in you?
I am the supplier of fruit
The life all find when they eat.
The water is your testimony
I bring life through you.

Die to yourself
That my life live through you.