Why don’t you want what I have for you?
You think you know by reading through
My word what prophets and kings longed to.
Unless I reveal, it cannot come to you.
You want my son, but you don’t see
Revealed in the cross what I want you to be.
You have to look beyond what you desire
And believe the cup I have for you is indeed deep.

He did not want to go to the cross.
His flesh cried out as yours does.
Though my son is perfect in my will,
My love for him fought my purpose. Still
You must desire beyond your need.
Does your flesh cry out to Me,
Or can you, like he, see beyond what your flesh speaks
To the need crying out to Me?

Be my son, as sons will do. Take over my work
As planned for you since the beginning of time
For you only to do.