The time you want to know Me
Is the time I want you, still
You have to decide what you owe Me.
Do not come to Me until
You’ve decided in your heart
That you’ll belong to Me.
I call, you come and deciding begins.

Know that I have a purpose
When you are touched by Me.
Many are called, few are chosen,
Even fewer truly believe.
Be among those who have forsaken all.
Truth, you owe Me all, in redeeming you
I have sacrificed all to bring you to Me.
Pay the price out of the life
Which is all you have to give to Me.

I left you a choice. That choice is indeed
All man has to offer, even that given by Me.
Give your choice, freely and fully unto Me.
On the day of reckoning, let your answer be
I loved with all in Christ I was able to.
When you see the clarity of what ransomed you,
You will in that hour desperately
Desire a gift to give to Me.