Try to remember what it is
I told you
When first you appeared
In your mother’s womb
At a time you still were able
To receive such things.
Then, a blank slate,
You were for Me.

Try to capture
The moving screen,
Images, impressions,
Things seen only twice
In the span of eternity.
Try and in the trying
Confess unto Me.

You, as all like you,
Cannot recapture a thing
Or call to conscience
What will be
Before or after
Breath enters or is released.
If, oh man, you cannot see
Beyond your fathers’
Determined span of years,
In what manner do you appear
In pursuit of worship
Reserved unto Me?

Is not God eternity?

Another thing, oh useless being
With which your fathers angered Me
And in the angering,
Caused the witnessing things,
Those that were left by Me
In men who truly sought Me,
The proofs undeniably
Held in honor by their cities
Which, in my anger, I destroyed
And ceased from carrying,
Will men always provoke the king?

Sorcery! Treason you continually
Cause to multiply. Adultery.
Cities aflame. Idolatry.
Oh, that you all bow before things
And, to a man, be cured
Of blindly sowing true worship
Before false things.

Oh that men would see
The value of worship
And eliminate temporal things
From receiving what belongs to Me.
What will all in answer speak
When before, as all perceive,
The second unveiling, your naked story
As against the glory I created for you,
What reply will save you;
The answer supplied to replace the proofs?