Listen and hear what God
Has to say through you.
Listen and bow before
The presence, the truth
Of what He reveals
In side you.
Don’t know truth?

When God reveals inside of you
Revealing himself for who
In truth the revelation
To you is seen,
Your soul is touched,
Your mind keen.

God comes not
In force or takes
That which since man
Drew breath he has stayed
His hand and glory
From consuming.
You are you own
To the point of doing
What you from God separates.
That from you God never overtakes.
Listen, and in listening,
Show, acknowledge, give testimony
To his all-sufficiency apart is he.
God is the source
Diminished in no way
Though you choose
To reject his decision making,
And choose your own,
And do what he
Has refrained from imposing
On your sovereignty.

Choose the king.