Want to live as I intended you to,
As man from God was designed to do?
Want to sample eternity,
A true encounter beyond your reach?

Then search in my word
With an open heart.
Hear my son as son of God
And rely only upon the truth
My spirit reveals unto you.

Die to encounter life, you see
What is seen through blindness,
When you encounter Me
Know if in my son’s name
You rely, you will be seen
Of my all-seeing eye
And an explosion of clarity
Will from my Spirit
Extend your reach
Until you see
Not outside but inside reach
To the place off limits to those
Whose lives disqualify their entering
Beyond the limits condemnation brings.
You are sentenced and guilty too.
Die and life comes alive in you who
Flee from destruction as instructed by Me,
Beyond city gates to foreign army
Called by Me.