Think of all the things
You’ve asked of Me,
From your very first words
Through the thoughts you think.
Think, and understand I hear you,
From the first time you thought of Me
To the passing thoughts you
Struggle with when it’s time to honor Me.
I know when you struggle.
I know the vows you keep.

Think, and remember, I’m thinking too.
From first you thought of Me
To every breakthrough.
I know when you choose Me.
I know when thoughts compete.
I rejoice when your struggle
Leads you to Me.

Think, and know, your every dream
And desire is alive, always top of mind in Me.
Think, and know I constantly
Live past, present as one.
I knew from the beginning
What thoughts would run
Your loyalty against Me,
What thoughts could keep
You constantly and faithfully
Seeking after Me.

Stay holy. Stay faithful.
Choose Me and know
I have your desires.
I want you to know
I know when you love Me.
I know the thoughts you keep.
My son took your judgment.
On this, think.