What you want from Me,

I cannot do.

You want your own way

And salvation too.

Your way leads to death.

That I cannot bring;

Death from life can never be.

What you want,

Though I could do,

Would leave you breathless.

You would have to

Be God alone without Me.

You would not last

For the least measure time can bring.

I am God. There is no other.

Listen to Me.

I have what is best for you.

Can that made know the thing

The maker had in mind for it to be?

You cannot know my mind.

Know this thing:

My word is my purpose for you.

Dwell on what is written

And those who

Loved and in their love

Prospered in Me

But not in the way man sees

So temporarily./p>

Eternity waits for those who/p>

Follow Me.

Follow Me.