You know I love you

When I say,

“Well done,”

In a way

That testifies

I have been watching you.

Heaven roots, cheers, for the

Things you do

In line with my will.

Still, I need to see

A man, a woman

In love with Me

To the point they act

Against their own will

And choose mine.

Still I wait.

Still I watch.

Still I want to see

A man, a woman

Who chooses Me

Over their life

And trusts Me to

Give life, and if not,

Receive them into

My kingdom.

Will you be,

In small steps at first,

Given over to Me

To do my will

Above your own?

Try not to guess

To each his own

Cross I will give

To bear.

If you view too early

You could fail.

The secret I tell

Even at an early stage:

Keep your eye on Me

And your heart will never fail.

Through many trials

You learn this truth.

Trust Me to teach you.

Trust in your eye upon Me.

I’m looking to see.