Think on, then know

Me as I am.

Thinking on brings you closer,

Knowing begins

The lifelong journey

Of becoming

One with Me.

Think of what life eternal brings.

Don’t you see how close you are

To what mankind desired

Since death parted

Us one from another,

The death you did bring.

You in my son gain victory

Over mankind’s enemy.

What would your fathers have paid?

What effort would they give

If they were assured

Forever in heaven they live?

You have but to in faith believe.

Think on, know Me

And the change begins.

Because he gave his life for you,

Because he was perfect, eternal truths.

Have, though stored, been released.

What you have accessed in him

See what all have desired,

The ancient of days.

You who trust in him

Through faith have gained.

Hear, child, and learn a mystery.

Into his essence you are being changed

To be one.