One of the times

I said to you

We would have trouble

If you

Did not know Me,

You listened and

We agreed.

That was when you took

To speech, to learn

My ways and know Me.

You and I were one.


Then you transgressed,

Outside of Me

Made a decision

To try to be

Equal with the one

In whom you believed.

You chose through a word

To abandon Me.


Now hear and see.

The speech I gave

And you took from Me,

That gave you opportunity

To be one with Me,

That your perversion of belief,

For all perversion is not

Knowing Me and my

Desire for you,

You settled for less

Than intended, you two.


Hear what I say to you.

Your words became your actions,

Actions, belief. You used

The power given against Me.

Hear, and see, seize the opportunity

To through my son

Throw the shackles of unbelief

Back to where they began

To teach rebellion against Me.


Speak only what I show to speak.

In The Christ, learn to speak.