One of the times
You say to Me
You want to
Live for Me,
Take into account
What it means
And tell Me.
Would you die
As dying will do
The thing I’m
Asking you;
To kill the you
That abhors Me,
The you my Spirit
Can not receive?
One Spirit, flesh
Can never be.

The thing I call
You to do,
Like obeying the law,
Is designed to
Be unbearable
For your flesh
To receive.
Only in the Spirit
Can you follow Me
As my son
Asked of you.
The kingdom comes
In force, the flesh
Refuses to bow
The knee, make way
For Me to replace,
Put a new body
On you.
This flesh is bound
To do as survival
Instinctively kicks in.
Spirit, in your call,
Will always win.