Think on my why
The times that you
Want to know why
I do the things to you
That cause you
To doubt, not believe
That what came before
Was really Me
Or so it seems.
You do not doubt
Whether “it” was really Me.
You doubt the connection
Whether we are really
Connected the way it seems,
As if I am in your everything
Communicating with you,
Your doubts, your dreams
Somehow filtered through
Only Me.
Is that what you believe
Or are we becoming one
Slowly, inexorably, like a
Chemical reaction, so many
Things able to interfere
Or so it seems?
Remember one thing:
I am in control.
I know all things.
I know the date of
Your coming and
The date you will be
No more a spectator,
One who came to Me,
But an integral part
Of everything Me.
Until then, let it be.