Think on why.
Think on the source.
Think on ways we
Can endorse your
Being with Me
For eternity.
Can you make
What was done
Be erased
By boring Me
Through with tales
Of how you
Want to be saved,
Nails through my hands,
A wooden stave
Thrust through Me
For eternity to see
How much you
Have done to
Embarrass Me
Who came to
Give you eternity?
You see, I was
Meant to be
The propitiation
For sin committed
Against Me by all
Who would be
Determiners of
You see, what you
Have done by
Trying to be
Me who am
The determiner
Of all things.
What has equality
Sought been to Me
But destruction,
Faith turned to
An ugly thing?
So by your wounds
I do the thing
You tried to accomplish:
Being equal to Me.
You see the price
I pay to give all
You seek. Nothing
Held back, my love.
Everything as I
Promised I give.
That’s love.
Now where is
Yours for Me?