Think on my why,
You who would know
The time I’ve
Taken to
Become real to you.
You see what
It takes to be
One with time,
One, aligned,
One in concert
With Me.
It is all
These things,
But so many more.
How do you align
With one who
Takes up all,
Or step into time
With Me who am
Outside of time?
These things
Created by Me
Are bridges,
Created for you:
Time, space,
The wonder of who
You will be
When you
Come of age.
Maturity, strength
Of character,
These things remain
A part of who
You are in Me,
Parts of a whole
That cannot
Be reached
But in the limits
I’ve allowed
To place Me
In union with you.
I become less than,
Sized down to you
In a way you can
Comprehend Me.
See? I created
For union
All things.