Think on why
The times that you
Had to find
I was through
With your
Way of living,
Nothing from Me
Could be found
Flowing until
Your relief
Came in
The form
Of you
Going back,
Doing what
I told you
To do
In the way
It is done
By those
Who need
My Spirit,
My love,
My leading.
Didn’t you then
Decide it was
Best to be
In my will
After finding things
Going rapidly
Your favor
Receding and
Your circumstance
Leading you
To believe
Something wrong
Had happened
In relationship
With Me
Knowing when
Right with Me
You never
Suffer such
Things, no peace
You had until
You returned
And made right
The path
You’d burned
Through disobedience
To Me?
Remember and avoid
Redoing such a thing.