Dear Lord, please,
I pray to be
Found in oneness,
Found in pleasing
To You in all things,
Found after Your heart,
Found being obedient
To You, my will
Set aside, nothing to do
But wait upon Your promise,
Wait upon Your peace,
Until You say, “Go,”
I will be in Your will,
Waiting upon You. Father,
Let my faith be something
You point to as a testament
Of the love You’ve put in me.
Should trials come and I see
They are unfair, hard to bear,
Let me be a shining example
Of Your love keeping me
In Your will, where You said to be.
Though desert storms tear my flesh
And peace is far from my reach,
Turmoil, attack, surrounding me,
Let me, I beg, have the peace
That comes from intimacy,
Knowing I heard correctly
And shall not be moved lest the
Confidence in our love, my testimony,
Be found untrue. Boast in our love,
I in You. Make us one, Lord.
Make ours true in Christ Jesus’ name.