Father, in
Christ Jesus’ name,
Let me begin
Anew to love You
Every day, as if
My heart had
Lost its way
And the beating
That sustains
Could be found
In only You.
Let truth be
My arbiter
And the way
I think, overruling
Any thought,
Any desire,
Any thing
That would seek
To overrule You.
Let my heart
And mind be one
In praising You,
In seeking Yours,
In seeking You,
Demanding no less
Than the intimacy
We two shared
The day before.
Let what’s in store
Every day for me
Be a dogged determination
To no less see
Of You than
The day before.
Everyday, Father, I pray
To get more of You,
Father, Son, Holy Ghost,
Your truth, life and food
To Me. Holy God,
Be my heartbeat.