Think on
My why,
The wonder
Of you.
Think on
The time
I called
You to
Be with Me,
Be around
The God of
The universe,
The One
Who has
Found you
In the midst
Of trouble,
In disease,
In struggling
Often these
Lead you to
Seek what
Man cannot do,
Seek what
Your creator
Meant for you
At the moment
Of conception
Because you
Seem to be
So far
From fulfilling
Anything that
Means anything
In light
Of eternity.
So often,
When your
Immediate need
Is no longer
A pressure,
You think
You need
No longer
Divine things.
Remember why
I created?
Why you’re here?
What success means?
What you’ll
Answer for
When temporary
Like the flesh
That holds you
In this realm
Like all here
No longer
And the very
Burns away?
How will
You know
What to offer
In the day
Your eternal
Is set
In place?
Will you offer
What you hands
Made, or
What I told
You in this day?