Think on why.
Think on, you
My people who
Want to
Know why
I do the things
I do when
You want Me
To be
So much
Freer with
Your lives
You see
As being able
To engage in
Mischief that
Glorifies not Me.
You ask, “Why
In these things
Is your glory
Not found:
What our bodies
Ask and resound
In demanding
So naturally?”
Here is the thing
I want you
To remember
Over all
Things you
Know about Me.
Your body
Is not
Under the
Influence of
Me. It is
Though housed
Is your spirit,
Then still separate
As any
Two beings,
Lest you know
In your rebellion,
There is
No thing
Of my Spirit
In your
Fleshly being.
It is impossible
For the two
To agree.