Dear Lord, I pray
To be after your heart
All day, every day,
Taking into account
With each new day
Your mercy, grace
And the way
I failed to
In times before
Come through
Through truly adoring
You and setting
You before all things,
Counting first the outcome
My action brings
On our unity.
Let me be
After your will
In all things,
Chasing, hungry for
Unbroken unity
With you, my king,
Which is my peace.
This peace is my
Balance and measuring stick
Of my performance,
My sanity, as I let go
Of things this world deems
Rational, reality, which is
In effect, rebellion against
Things your Word so
Clearly teaches.
Be my appetite, my food,
My very drink, even punishment,
Suffering, yours brings inevitably.
May you be constantly
The next meal I hunger on which
To feed and my life continue
Amen, my king, in Jesus’ dear name.