Think on
My why
When you
Want to
To do
The things
I do
When you
Read in
My word
About Me,
How I walked,
What I said,
How things
Moved for Me,
At the command
Of words
From my mouth –
It was
This power
I, remember,
Talked about
You using too
And even greater
Works being
Shown by you.
Do you
Think on
These things?
I hope
You do.
Seldom do
I see
Men take Me
At my word
And do
What I require
Of you.
Is faith
Not acting
On my word
You see
I will
Look among
Those shown
To be
My disciples
On that
Great day
For those
Who took
Me at
My word
To say
It was
My power
And no thing
They did
On their
Yet mountains
Swayed, dead
Were raised
And all
I said
Came true
In the day
They believed
And acted on
Through praying
By faith
What I promised.
Will you
Be one
Of whom
I say,
“This one
Brought glory
To me
By praying
The very
Words I
And by staying
In faith
To believe
When others
Stayed in
The boat
And would not
Walk with Me
Through fear,
Cheated Me
Of the testimony
That my word
Is good
To walk upon?