Think on
The why
That leads
You to Me.
Why do
You come?
What is
Your real need?
Think on
These things.
Do not be
Polite with Me
If polite
In your mind
Is deceiving,
Putting on
A face
Trying to
Be someone
You’re not
Thinking this
Pleases Me.
It does not.
I know you.
There is
No mask
I cannot
See behind,
Nor can you
Deceive Me
Though you
Can you.
I am eternal
Being truth.
Ask the hard
To get to
Me. I am
Be honest.
With Me
You need
Not put on
Airs or such
Things. Naked
You remain
Before Me.
Be honest.
Why do you
Come to Me?
Fear never
The truth.
Fear never
Truth with Me.
I am.