Think on my whys
And then, when you do,
Think on how
I saved you.
It was not
With force
Or with ease.
It was with
The power of
The Spirit.
These are what
I will always
Use to tell you
What I’m doing,
How you’re doing.
Don’t expect to see
Me in what
You can control.
I have never been
What you expected
Or were told
I would be to you.
My hand is engraved
With the pattern
Of you,
Unique, formed only
For Me.
I am constant
In the way
My word says
I’ll be,
Constant in uniquely
Loving who can be
You in Me.
There is one love
I have for
All to see,
One way of worshiping
One body,
One Spirit,
One baptism
One way I love
Unique to
You and Me.