Think on my way
And when you do,
Think on how
I called you.
It was not
With fanfare, burdens
Or things like these
That people of wealth
Summon you to be
In their presence
So you can see
What the wealthy life
Is like, how to be
Invested, in wealth,
Security a part
Of your every day.
These you desire
And pray, to Me
Constantly asking
For a way. To take
You out of
Your circumstance
You pray
To be like
Those with security.
You say you
Want Me, yet
Your prayer is
Always for things
You know not
How to handle.

For being
After the call
With which I
Called you,
To do
The things
For which
My heart
Brought you
Into being
With Me –
Your prayer
After these
Is not.

Why don’t you
Remember why
I called you
Or learn
You who do not
Think on