Think on Me, why?
Don’t you know
Has created, infused
My being in you
Will also
Set you free?
Long life,
Is what
I planned
For you.
You body,
Spirit too
Is set
For eternal
Shall I not
Right the
Wrong thing?
I made you.
Come back to Me
For long life,
For eternity.
My presence
Is life giving.
Draw near to Me
And live
And life
Will flow
From you.
Look at those
Who to Me
Draw. All
Their life,
Their faces
The life
That is
In Me.
Now, the devil’s
Children conceive
And on
Their faces show
The death
They inherit
From the
One who knows
Where for
Eternity he
Will be.
Death shows
On their faces
No matter
How long
They live.
Look at those
Who truly
Know Me.
You, even you
Far from Me,
Know a true
When you see
Their life.