Think on
My why.
Think on
The peace
That surrounds
You when
You submit
To Me.
I am king.
Of the universe
I stand
Apart, above,
Stronger than
Any man
Has capacity
To conceive.
One iota
Of things
That occupy
My thought
At any
Given instant
Would be
Enough to
Crush your
Ability to
Think, crash
Your circuitry.
Do you
Think, made
By Me,
Your highest
Mental capacity
Is anything
A match
For Me?
Your thinking
Is less than
Created to be
And far
Below what
It takes
To be
On par
With the
Least of
These in
The kingdom.
Ruled by Me.
Before you
Question Me,
Think on
Your ability.
Do you,
O, man,
Have the
Reach to
Infinity, much
Less Me?