Think on my why
You who
Would try
To see Me
As if I, you,
Were on
The same plain,
The same
Don’t you know
I am
An unusual thing?
There is
None like Me
And none
Can know
My thoughts
Afar off
Unless I show
Myself and give
To you
Who are so
Simple in things
Too complex
For you.
Do you know
The mind
Of man
Is awesome?
Truth. If you
Were to reason
As I
Made you to be,
Full of wisdom,
Full of strength,
Full of
Impossible things
For you,
Your unreasoning
Mind to conceive.
Don’t you weep
For man
As I weep
Over the
Fallenness of
The original thing,
Made in
My image,
Made to be
Masters of
The universe
And all things?
You cannot,
In your
Fallen state
Conceive, grasp
The complexity
Of what you
Should be