One of the fine things, once was told me, was to dwell in harmony.
Now, I see, that is not true, for of you is asked to be
warlike with the things that are
not of our God and king. In Him dwell.
Swell and rise, seas, roar. Let the earth our God adore.
Let Him rise and roar within me.
For to see of Him is all I see.

Don’t you know you and I think
Of one thing at a time,
But our God can be
Everywhere in everyone
Thinking and being?
What have we been seeing, you and I,
To think God does not see?
Will we try to be outside His will,
His purview,
Don’t you and I know God can see all?
What’s wrong with me and you?

Here’s the thing, and what I want you to see.
Here’s what’s required of you and me.
To see God in all we do,
To love him with all, that’s what me and you,
What us is to do, to love God, to serve Him,
Can’t you and I get that through our heads?
Don’t we dread the day He comes
When our house is not in order?
Here’s another one.

Why are you and I working at anything
That does not have God’s stamp of approval?
Think and be awed and inspired and
Promulgated to
By the Israelites who
In their hearts said to
God time and again
We will not depend on You
Or honor You with our substance and being.
It is not You, O God, Who handle our needi
Ness, less and less we have become
Dependent on You.
Isn’t that what we say when we go to
A job that pays us wages
But does no thing
For the kingdom?
Did God we even ask?
Here’s another thing
And the last I will say to you
Today, not always,
Because I love you
So much to be
Inside of me.
Isn’t that what our father promised?
Isn’t He
In each one of us,
And in turn being
In us, in all
His oneness means
You and I are one
In Him
It’s true.
My love for you
Is love for me,
For in Him we,
You and I
Are one.
I’m being carried away by the
Of those who divide,
Who say we
Are leftist or liberal
Or Black or White.
God lives in us!
You and I
Stand and fight
For what we know
To be true.
Stop the lying!
Stop saying the God in you
Isn’t the same God in me!
Can’t we all be
Determined as our brothers
And sisters who
Die across the earth
In the name of the One Who
For us died?
Can’t we see?
I need you.
You’re inside me,
White, liberal, conservative,
Woman, man, being
In command of our hearts
Leaves us listening
To one another
And striving for the truth.
Didn’t our God cry out
They would know by
You and I having love
One for another?
How about it, sister?
My brother?
The one more thing
I said to you,
Take to heart
And this:
I love you.