In the name of the Father,
In the name of truth,
In the name of the One
We come running to,
There is a One
Who loves, Who sees.
There is a love
We’ve come to be.

Listen, my children,
And you shall see
Of the wants, your family’s
True needs,
Of the things that come haunting
You in the night,
Of the fears you won’t speak of
Til you get it right.

I know what you’re thinking.
I know what you say.
I know of the trials
Coming your way.
I know the more you take on of Me,
It’s true,
The more I seem to be distant from you.
But don’t you worry.
Don’t stay up at night.
The same God Who brought you
Knows your plight.
The same God Who made you
Is father and king.
Don’t you worry
About any little thing.

I have brought you and made you
Thus far and, in truth,
You could not have, without Me,
Made it out of the womb.
There is a long time
I’ve had my hand on you.
Before your mother ever smiled,
I delighted in
You have to see.
You have to watch.
You have to know.
I have to touch.
The thing inside of you
I saw in her womb.
When, before your life was known,
I knew and touched you.
I used your presence
To settle a thing.
Did you know that?
Before nations sprang
I made you the answer
To a most puzzling thing.

Here’s what this writer
Is tasked with doing.
Tell them all.
Tell them together and apiece.
Let them know
I am watching.
I want to know
They believe in Me.
By seeking after the answer
I’ve made them to be.
Tell them.
Tell them.
Tell them, writer,
To seek Me first.
In all their getting,
First, thirst
For Me and
My purpose,
The thing
I set inside
Every human.
In Jesus
Can purpose